As a freelance web designer, Bulb Marketing are flexible in our approach to design and products we offer.
Check the examples below and get an idea what we can offer you!

Fast Road Vehicle Solutions

In such a crowded market, Vehicle repairs, maintenance and upgrades can be a tricky area for any new business to get involved in. 

FRVS came to us for help with needing a new website to show off their skills, projects and services they offer.

Specialising in performance cars, vehicle remapping, carbon cleaning and performance upgrades.

Visit their website to see what they offer and keep an eye out for offers and promotions on their social media page.

JK Services

JK Services are specialists in not only car repairs, but also plant and agricultural work too. 

Josh wanted a website to give himself a little more online presence and to give potential clients another way of finding him. We have spent a lot of time making this website simple but functional and also spent time on the SEO to ensure the website ranks well on google searches.

Click the link below to take a look and let us know what you think!

Josh King Pro Drifter

Josh wanted a way to thank his sponsors for their help, along with having an online presence for new sponsors to keep track of his career progress and get in touch with him.

We designed this website from scratch and included everything Josh wanted and more. His full car specification, career highlights and more are all there for the world to see. 

Josh can now dedicate his time where it matters, Building the competition winning car and driving! No more creating info packs to send to sponsors when you have your own website!

Three Counties OvenClean

After their old website had sat untouched for 8 years, Three Counties Ovenclean reached out to us to to bring their webite into the new age!

We completely overhaued their page and even designed a new logo to replace the old one which we felt did not truly reflect their brand. The results speak for themselved and can be seen by clicking the link below.

Cheshire Render Cleaning

Cheshire Render Cleaning are specialists in... you guessed it! Cleaning render!

Turns out this isn't as simple as once thought, they apply the latest softwashing technology to not only refresh and clean your propertys exterior but also not damage it like some more traditional high pressure cleaning systems.


Along with this they also offer patio black spot removal, stone cleaning and more!

Cavity Wall Checker

Cavity Wall Checker wanted a place to be able to capture potential customers info in order to help them diagnose mis-installed cavity wall insulation.

So many companies over the last 20 years jumped on the cavity wall insulation bandwagon after the giverment issued millions of pounds of grants to reduce energy bills and the countries carbon footprint. This meant companies were being paid to install cavity wall insulation to a poor standard and as it was in the wall cavity space it could not be checked easily! Years later thousands of homes are suffering with damp and mould issues. If this sounds like your home then check them out!